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Today the NBA released it's new schedule following the unfortunate hold the season was put on due to COVID19.

The season will resume on July 30th.

I for one am overly curious to see what the Lakers do to fill Avery Bradely's position.

Any follower of the Lakers knows his importance to the team so to see who's injected into his space on the roster should be interested.

I just hope it's someone who can not only score when needed but play mandatory tight defense as well.

I won't sit here and act like i'm eager to see any team in the league win it all other then the Lakers because that would be dishonest lol.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Dion Waiters brings to the team also, hopefully it's what's needed on both ends of the floor.

Being a basketball fan hearing the return of b-ball is awesome and i'm thrilled beyond explanation but I just hope that the players are capable of playing championship basket ball while continuing to focus on the social injustice issues we're facing like they said they could.

Peace & Love

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