To my supporters, family and true fans:

Firstly I'd like to began this post by highlighting the fact that I genuinely appreciate each of you in a way that's impossible to express.

I started to promote the PESCI album sometime Sep 2019 while still in the process of recording it.

The plan was to release it in Nov but for various reasons I felt as though it wasn't the proper time to drop it.

With that being said Big Twins from Infamous Mobb and I decided to finally put our long awaited joint project out coming into the new year.

I continued to promote PESCI here and there all while still creating more content that could possibly be better than what I had on it already.

I reevaluated my plan and decided on another date to release it then unfortunately a global pandemic hit us on top of the witnessing of countless racially motivated murders of unarmed African Americans by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA's boy's in blue.

Seeing all of these things take place made me as a human being before an entertainer re think about the particular sounds I was planning to put out into the universe during a time when more is needed of me as a man of color in a nation that views me and people like me as less than 1st class.

Being the person I truly am inside I know I have more to offer than a collection of hardcore tracks that in all reality promotes violence etc that in no way shape or form can help with the issue we as a people are currently facing.

Until the conditions of our country gets better please take in "Stone in the mud" and look out for "Illuminated Mind's" which is most definitely what needs to be heard.

I know you guys have been waiting patiently for the LP and i've promised to drop it a few times and failed to but when the time is right it will be released and hopefull you'll love it .

I just want it to be prepared in a fashion that allows you all to fully appreciate it in its entirety.

Continue to be safe and stay positive.

Thank you for the love and support!


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