A week or so ago I posted about why i delayed the release of this album and how i felt that it wasn't the right time in my eyes to drop something that wasn't going to directly contribute positively to the cause we as African Americans are all fighting for right now.

After giving it further thought I've decided to just put the project out for all of the supporters who have been waiting patiently for it since I fist spoke on dropping it.

PESCI is filled with incredibly grimy and grim production as well as sampled sounds by upcoming producers such as Max Dollas, Gotti Gator, Dj Rae Lee, J Brown, Boa Sharp and Tram unit.

This project will be released in 2 parts, the 1st P1 which will be available on all streaming platforms Jul 17th and P2 which is the 2nd part will be available Sep 11th.

Both have a few special guest appearances I feel you guys will appreciate.

Signed hard copies will be available for order the day of the release.

Stay tuned for more info and be sure to stream on the 17th!

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