Yesterday's tomorrow

Within the last 90 days most of us have changed in some way.

Some more than others and some less but we all have indeed changed.

Is it not obvious?

In the height of a pandemic a horrible murder occurred at the hands of an officer sworn to protect the citizens of his very city while a small number of his fellow cowardly officers stood witness.

As ashamed as I am to admit this it's the harsh reality we as African Americans exist in.

We as not only minorities but people (specifically) in the United States have grown numb to the shock of criminal acts from law enforcement to those that share our skin color.

These treacherous acts are something that we have not so much gotten use to but have become unsurprised by.

Mr.Floyd, a son, a father, a brother, a nephew, a grandson lost his precious life due to blatant hate fueled by racism from an individual hired to uphold the law in a country that waves it's flag in the name of equality.

As his head laid sideways on that warm ground with the knee of that evil cop in his neck the children of America joined together in chaotic harmony connected to one another simply from the human trait of knowing what's right and wrong and standing for true equality.

Although there's still ton's of idiotic, self centered, misinformed, insecure racist's in the nation we reside in there's also a ton of good hearted, fearless,empathetic, fed up human beings who happen to be caucasian and are fighting along side our brave young people.

I have to be very honest.

It completely warms my heart to see the passion and proudness in the eyes of all the many people of multiple ethnicities protesting together for the cause we sincerely believe in.

To EVERY single person out there day in and day out, rather in America, Africa, Europe, Brazil, P.R, Haiti, D.R, or Canada be it man or woman not only do I commend you but I also salute you.

If no one has told you yet THANK YOU!

Let's be the change we all desire in the world!


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